“One day during the camp, Michael came back to the room after getting a huge tattoo of Jesus on his back. We were amazed at the size of the tattoo. Viren Rasquinha, who played alongside Michael in that outing, said, “I can never forget his brilliant deflection against Pakistan. Hockey Bengaluru secretary, K. Krishnamurthy, who was the Indian team manager for the tournament, said, “Michael received the award from none other than the late Sultan Azlan Shah. I’d met him just a few months ago, when I came to Bengaluru with the national team. He also recalled an incident involving Michael in a national camp. “As a player, Michael was tremendously talented. “Michael was an intelligent player, especially inside the box. Michael grabbed the spotlight one more time in that year, when he scored a brace against Australia-A in the tri-nation tournament at Sydney. I don’t know that it true, but I would have liked to see more information from the other side as to their views on the necessity of the procedure being done at that time. Yes I think the Dr. acted negligently since he had a human donor and he didn’t know what the outcome would be of the animal heart in his young patient.

“He was a happy-go-lucky guy with a good heart. He was a genuine guy. There was no reason for Fae’s parents to feel so desperate as to attempt an almost proven fatal type of operation when there was also one available with a forty percent survival rate. The reason why the other side may not have gotten as much attention as you may think it deserved was because I could find very little credible information on it. This may actually have been true, but given the weakness of their other arguments and their failure to even attempt the process, they deserve skepticism. Baby Fae should not have been given the heart of a baboon. This is because, in addition to the option of surgically rerouting the blood in Fae’s heart, a two-month-old infant’s heart was actually available on the day of Fae’s surgery. And to subject her to such a surgery was inhumane. In 2004, Michael led the Indian team to the Junior Asia Cup gold medal.

A talented forward, Michael won the ‘Most Promising Player’ award in the 2003 Asia Cup in Malaysia. Interestingly, Michael featured in the junior India team for a brief while after making his senior debut. He also represented the Karnataka senior and junior teams with distinction. Although some people were lucky enough to live briefly when supplied with animal parts, all eventually died (except one who later received a human organ). He was always joking around and pulling pranks on people. Former India hockey player Sandeep Michael passed away due to a brain infection here on Friday. On Friday afternoon, he succumbed to the illness. A fine goal that Michael scored against Pakistan in the league stage stands out. I would say it was the goal of the tournament. It was a goal of the highest quality. He was 33. Michael was admitted to Aster CMI Hospital here around five days ago. Dr. Leonard Bailey was the cardiac surgeon responsible for the 1984 Loma Linda Hospital based transplant of a baboon heart into Fae, a human newborn. When human donors are the only donors used in virtually every live heart transplant operation, how could their use not even have occurred to the officials of an until-then reputable hospital?

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I have heard of using dermal bandages of animals on burn victims and arteries and veins maybe, but never vital organs. Dr. Bailey himself found evidence that chimpanzee, orangutan or gorilla organs would likely give better results, but did not use them. Dr. Bailey had performed over 150 transplants in sheep, goats, and baboons, some of which were interspecies surgeries, but any successes in that area should not be seen as applicable to transplants in humans, another species entirely. He was in a lot of pain, so much so that he couldn’t sleep at night. The Bengalurean started his club career with the BEL Colony Youth Association sides here, before moving to BPCL and Air India. Michael Gianneli, a Fund for Animals science advisor, was completely justified when he asked the following question: “If they didn’t even look for potential life-saving alternatives, what does this mean in terms of the ’informed consent’ of the parents? Though touted by many — including the legendary Dhanraj Pillay — as a bright prospect, injuries, a bout of jaundice, and a loss in form prevented Michael from achieving his full potential.