Although some people were lucky enough to live briefly when supplied with animal parts, all eventually died (except one who later received a human organ). Lastly, the hospital claimed that it would have taken too much time to carry out necessary testing to ensure the human heart was compatible. Further, hospital officials admitted later that “they simply had not considered the possibility of a human donor” (1), which is outright ridiculous. When human donors are the only donors used in virtually every live heart transplant operation, how could their use not even have occurred to the officials of an until-then reputable hospital? However, the hospital made no request for it. However, if they had not approved the highly experimental procedure to begin with, against all odds of success and in spite of better alternatives, this would not have been a problem. However, some people were in favor of the procedure. I don’t know that it true, but I would have liked to see more information from the other side as to their views on the necessity of the procedure being done at that time. This may actually have been true, but given the weakness of their other arguments and their failure to even attempt the process, they deserve skepticism.

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Because, as every single past attempt had proven, such a procedure was 100% unfailingly a failure. Few experts, I feel, were willing to say that such a surgery was necessary when it showed 100% failure in every past attempt and there was another procedure that could be done that had a 40% success rate. There was no reason for Fae’s parents to feel so desperate as to attempt an almost proven fatal type of operation when there was also one available with a forty percent survival rate. Michael Gianneli, a Fund for Animals science advisor, was completely justified when he asked the following question: “If they didn’t even look for potential life-saving alternatives, what does this mean in terms of the ’informed consent’ of the parents? Gosh, I had never even heard of a xenotransplant before. Therefore, Dr. Najarian, I believe, was referencing this history and pointing out that the surgery might extend Fae’s life a day or two, or maybe even three. Because Dr. Bailey had minimal expertise in human heart transplantation in general, and had never attempted the even more complicated transplantation of placing an animal heart into a human, he was not the ideal candidate to complete Fae’s surgery.

There was no reason why they would have wanted to use a baboon heart instead of a human one, if the option had been pursued by officals and made available to them. This is because, in addition to the option of surgically rerouting the blood in Fae’s heart, a two-month-old infant’s heart was actually available on the day of Fae’s surgery. Second, they claimed that the heart of a two-month-old “might have been too big for Fae” (1), although by their choice of the word “might” it is obvious that they were not certain of this fact. You have left out half of the quote you quoted, which is key. This quote was the foundation of my whole argument. This is why I used this quote. Although he gave reasons why other animals organs could not be used, he did not convincingly explain why other medical procedures were not pursued, especially when the odds were so highly stacked against his success.

It offered NO chances of success. Therefore the chances of surviving after receiving a slightly over large heart were by default superior. At the time of the surgery, the chances of surviving when given a baboon heart were proven nonexistent. TIME in partnership with CNN. Yes I think the Dr. acted negligently since he had a human donor and he didn’t know what the outcome would be of the animal heart in his young patient. Baby Fae: Can Animal Organs be Used in Humans? Furthermore, to add to the odds of success, baboons were known not to be ideal donors for humans. Baby Fae should not have been given the heart of a baboon. First, they said that the call came after the baboon heart procedure was complete. From Dr. Najarian’s comment, Fae’s condition was hopeless and thus the procedure performed may have been the only one thought to offer any chance at all.