Much because it is an illness of the liver, its signs and symptoms tend to be systemic (affecting the whole body) – that is understandable, given the essential role of the liver in your body. If you already have a troublesome liver, you will only worsen the problem if you imbibe a lot more alcohol. Steering clear of alcohol is something that sufferers who have been diagnosed with hepatitis C are advised regarding. Taking alcohol under these types of circumstances can be ruinous to the well-being, to say the least. You can also add certain items to your smoothie to increase the nutritional value. These high-quality ingredients are designed to help people shed unwanted body fat, increase your strength and stamina, as well as regain maximum energy. Finally, quinoa and avocado are excellent additions to your smoothie, to help give your drink texture and creaminess as well as extra nutrients.

For example, adding a green supplement such as All Day Energy Greens turns your traditional smoothie into an energizing, immune-enhancing green drink. Though there are many smoothie recipes which one can try but it is always good to start from basic ones and keep on adding things or experimenting as you get comfortable with taste and composition of your smoothie drink. Kick it up a notch by adding any fresh vegetables, seeds, and nuts into your smoothie. Looking for a new smoothie recipe? Chia seeds are great to add to any smoothie as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. You can also add a handful of spinach or kale to your smoothie to make a healthy green energy drink. Viruses can be quite persistent and persistent, as well as your goal is to get rid of them. Blend well and enjoy! RE: Denial of essential medical care by the State of Illinois, the Illinois Department of Corrections and the sabotage of Hepatitis C Virus medical treatment by state contracted medical care providers. When we talk about Hepatitis C we are referring to the HCV or the Hepatitis C virus disturbing the liver. On his authority, I started my HCV medical treatments with Interferon/Rebetol (Ribivarin), before IDOC officials knew what he was doing.

It was a surprise announcement on December 6, 2000, just five months into my year long HCV medical treatments. Within four days, on July 10, 2000, I was summoned from my hospital bed to be interrogated by the IDOC Deputy Director, George DeTella, concerning my treatments. Medical Director, sabotaged my treatments by interruption of the medication schedule and changing the brands of medications in the middle of the treatments. He was supposed to be personally supervising my treatments so I could report severe side effects and/or drug interactions I was having after taking the antihistamine medication Periactin. There is no better alternative other than Green drinks or smoothies as these are safe and completely organic with no known side effects. Smoothies are an excellent way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. So by drinking smoothies you will get the most benefit from your fruit. The first safety measure would be to stay away from drinking anything alcoholic.

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Secondly, people who find they undergoing treatment for hepatitis C are advised to stay away from other medical drugs that are considered to be (particularly) taxing on the liver. If you are likely to fill a prescription, you should point out the fact that you are undergoing hepatitis C treatment. There are many precautions which need to be taken by people that are undergoing hepatitis C treatment. Essentially, we are coping here with a disorder that affects the liver. The goal is to avoid overtaxing a previously burdened and ill liver. You should also keep in mind that when you have been using hepatitis C medicines, the liver would have taken a crushing from this potent medicine. These days when work routines are getting tougher, it is very important for everyone to keep a strict fitness regime and taking healthy food and dietary supplements is an important part of it.

It is as a result that anti-viral agents are chosen to deal with this issue. They are best to make and drink in the morning for breakfast. The reason why it’s best to eat fruit by itself on an empty stomach is because the simple sugars contained in fruit need time to be completely absorbed by your body. When fruits are eaten alone, your stomach can more easily process all of the nutrients, fiber and the simple sugars contained in the fruit. If you eat fruit after a large meal it’s held in the stomach too long along with other foods and will rot and ferment in the gut. All Day Energy Greens includes 38 natural super foods including organic flax seed powder, spinach juice powder, Royal Jelly, grape seed extract, and green tea extract. You can’t imagine to give your 100 percent when you are low on energy. And as mentioned previously, there are several measures that need to be taken by individuals who are going through such treatment. Hepatitis c treatment would really lead to many patients expertise flu symptoms.