2. She has survived a liver transplant and a hip replacement all the while being true to herself as she ages. 3. She and her husband of 25 years (12/31/84) have worked for social justice while maintaining personal and professional lives. 1978 I not only met her, but went on to become friends and have a friendship that has endured ever since. I’ve never had the privilege of meeting her, but my sister did meet her at a Walk for Alzheimer’s, and she said that Shelley is lovely, genuine, sweet, and every bit as classy as she’s portrayed in her official “image”. I was a bit surprized that I liked it. Still hip and beautiful! She was diplomatic and still informative. Of course, you’d have to be a certain age to remember. She has age gracefully. She is as wonderful, kind, caring and beautiful as one would hope and an amazing human being.

This one well deserves an Angel Blessing so here it is! Nice lens. I remember Shelley Fabares in various roles but didn’t know she sang Johnny Angel! I absolutely love Shelley Fabares! Stopping back to smile at this excellent tribute to Shelley Fabares, more reasons for us all to love her! I didn’t know about the liver transplant, the hip replacement or her great marriage, you have now caught me up on all things Shelley Fabres! I have to say I agree with you and I love that new hair! I too am surprised that I like the hair. I have always wanted to do something crazy like that and color my hair blue. I have always loved her acting. I have enjoyed her acting over the years. I always liked Shelley, and I have not heard of her health problems. I have been a fan of Shelley’s for many years, and I’ve talked with her in person more than once.

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  • Are pets allowed
  • Frequent diarrhea in the morning,
  • Swollen liver or spleen or both

So beautiful about such a beautiful person. About halfway through the public talk, Mike stated that she was there, ‘you could tell by the pink hair’. It is blonde on the lower layer, coppery orange of the top, with pink spikes. I looked back and sure enough I could see pink spikes. Wonderfully done and so interesting on this great lady, I like the pink hair! Anyone with the courage to wear multi-colored hair has my vote. I’m only 6 yrs younger & always said I wanted to do my hair in purple spikes, but never had the guts! She has seriously funky hair. I like Shelley Fabares and I had no idea she is married to Mike Farrell. I never knew that she married Mike Farrell. I knew your secret! I knew she might be there, but didn’t know that she would be such a treat. I’ve watched and loved her in every series she’s been in (except that I didn’t know until today about the Mickey Mouse Club role).

She played Mary Stone, when we wanted to know how to be a teenager; Christine Armstrong when we liked strong women and Johnny Angel will always please our ears. An angel blessing for Johnny Angel! I’m featuring this on my “Johnny Angel” lens. Thank you for a wonderful lens about a very special woman. Striking woman – I must say that some people go for striking appearance and it falls fall on its face. Shelley is such a beautiful person, then & now! Oh, I read every word and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Shelley Fabares. I always loved Shelley Fabares – so happy to see this profile of her as she is today. I remember Shelley Fabares from movies I watched with my mother as a child. I used to watch Shelley on the Donna Reed Show and Coach all the time. I remember her on the Donna Reed show.

I’ve liked her since Donna Reed and even more in Coach. I even asked her about Cairg T. Nelson, her costar in Coach. I asked her two things. What a great tribute to her. You are doing a great job–so glad you joined Squidoo.. So glad I found this lens. A lovely lens about a lovely lady. Loved everything about this lens! Love Shelley, big thumbs up for this lens. But I do love the hair, too. Always loved character and actor! Well, she said, “Craig is a brilliant actor and likes to stir the pot”. Had no clue she played the wife in “Coach” and I’ve seen the show quite a few times. I actually remember when she was on a game show as a panalist. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Enjoyed the video of her singing very much.