Some people do believe this, and perhaps it is true in severe cases. But the problem is, that doing this, we may turn create emotional problems for them later. We may pat them a lot, make reassuring cooing noises, keep them on our laps more often than usual, or feed them special treats by hand. When our pet dogs become sick, there is often a natural tendency to give them special treatment. Give them lots of attention them, and feed them well, without sacrificing the training and boundaries that dogs also need. In some cases, you may need to treat the whole pond, while quarantining the sick or diseased fish and treating it away from the pond may be the best course of action. According to some schools of thought, failing to do this may turn them into hypochondriacs later. Treatment for diseases may not be easy. There are some things, though that you can look out for and treat yourself.

Your fish could get sick and you need to know what to look for and how to treat them. For starters, you have to be able to determine what illness or disease you need to treat. We can create needy, and insecure dogs when we make a big fuss over their illness. Dogs don’t need extra petting when they are sick. Dogs need a safe place they can recuperate and rest by themselves. In the wild, dogs would often take themselves off somewhere where it is quiet and warm, with access to fresh air and sunlight. A vet check up will pick up any signs of illness also, so if you’re in doubt, or still concerned, then take him for a check up. Then you’ll have a happy and well-adjusted pet in sickness and in health. If they want to go outside to get some sun and fresh air, and provided the vet feels that is okay (taking into account the possibility of infection if they have an open wound), then let them.

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If they get sick with some kind of koi disease they might even die right in the koi pond and infect your other fish. Being very sociable animals, they simply love the attention, and don’t really understand why all that extra attention stops when they get better. Aside from giving your dog the same attention when he is sick that you would when he is well, you can avoid creating a dog that plays on illness by being generous to your pets when they are healthy. Koi are also easily affected by stress. Fish can be injured by sharp pool edges and even handling the fish can stress them out. Understanding how dogs react in the wild can provide some clues as to how we should treat them. The problem is, dogs don’t know this. Whether or not we can actually turn our pets into hypochondriacs, I don’t know. We can relate to how awful it is to be sick, and try to be reassuring, particularly when serious illnesses are involved. But, things can go wrong. And one of the first things a sick koi will do is leave the group and swim on its own. But sometimes, bad things will happen.

If all goes well, I will be able to enjoy them for many trouble free years. Just by providing a safe environment, that is free of drafts, and that is clean and protected from noise and interruptions, we are providing what our pets need in times of illness. Pets, when they are sick, need to be provided with a comparable environment that they would have had in the wild. Perhaps in a sense we are overcome with how much we love our pets, and desire them to be healthy. It is much easier to prevent disease than to treat it and the most important consideration in your pond is good water quality. I have a good filtration system and check the water quality on a regular basis. One suggestion to determine whether your dog is actually ill, is to leave your house, and sneak back and check on your dog through a window. But it is important to be aware of signs of illness, and not simply assume that your dog is play-acting. And if your dog doesn’t eat for a few days, he should be taken to the vets, but once a vet has made appropriate recommendations, it’s good to understand that this will heal itself as your dog does.