Making A Diagnosis Based On Urinalysis Test Results

A chemical examination of the urine involves testing the urine for various factors, such as, specific gravity, pH etc. The test is usually conducted using reagent strips by a laboratorian. There are several different types of urine tests; however, a general analysis involves a visual inspection of the urine followed by a chemical inspection. Dehydration is generally the cause for dark yellow urine, whereas red urine is caused by either blood in the urine due to hematuria or sometimes by eating certain foods such as blackberries, rhubarb and beets. Hyperunicosuria, caused due to food that is rich in purines, can also cause cloudy urine. Proteinuria can be caused by a variety of other conditions including, multiple myeloma and inflammation. A sample can be collected by first letting out a portion of the urine in the toilet, then collecting an ounce or two of urine in a container and finally letting the remaining portion out in the toilet. Our kidneys filter out the waste materials and fluids from the blood, which are then passed down to the urine. Minerals, toxins and other substances are also filtered by the kidneys, eventually being passed out in the urine. The presence of red blood cells (RBCs) in the urine can be linked to a variety of conditions.

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  • Frequent diarrhea in the morning,
  • Increases autophagy, the process by which your body rids itself of damaged cells

The normal odor of urine is described as uronoid and can be very strong in specimens that are concentrated. Bladder retention can cause the urine to have an ammoniacal odor. Odor is also affected by medications, UTI’s, and certain foods, such as, asparagus. Other factors why the urine maybe cloudy is due to conditions, such as, phosphaturia, pyuria, chyluria, lipiduria and hyperoxaluria. When less water is consumed, the specific gravity is higher, since less water is used to make the urine. Drinking plenty of fluids, allows the kidneys to make urine with a lot of water, thus the specific gravity of the urine is low. Specific gravity: Urinary specific gravity (USG) is measure of the hrydration status of an individual. Casts are materials that form inside the tubules of kidneys, usually because of a kidney disease. Symptoms that occur may be as a result of a urinary tract infection (UTI), a disorder of the kidney or another medical condition. Their presence indicates an infection of the urinary tract. Nitrites: In an abnormal sample of the urine, urinary nitrates are converted to nitrites by the presence of bacteria. Taking the sample to a laboratory or a doctor’s office for testing should be done within an hour after collection.

The sample can be collected either at home, at a facility where testing is conducted or at your doctor’s office. Another thing that is looked for in a microscopic analysis is the presence of casts in the sample. The presence of sperm or bacteria can make the urine appear cloudy. Dehydration, lung disease (such as emphysema), starvation, overconsumption of alcohol and uncontrolled diabetes, can all cause a low pH. Some of the sub contract machining services farms specialises in low and medium volume production jobs. Top quality sub contract machining services are also fuelling the growth of the nation. These sub contract machining services companies also take up project management services around the world. The companies engaged in machining services export to countries like USA, Netherland, France and Germany. There are several precision engineering Scotland companies that supply quality precision machining services and end-to-end solutions to oil and gas market. Their services conform to ISO standards. They offer industrial services over a wide range of applications. Ad these companies have trusted suppliers and partners worldwide they can offer turnkey solutions to their clients. Cystine decomposition can cause a sulfuric acid smell in the urine, whereas gastrointestinal-bladder fistulas can cause a fecal smell.

There are numerous other conditions that a urinalysis can help determine. A microscopic analysis is performed if any abnormalities are found in the visual and chemical tests. Glucose is a sugar found in the blood. This indicates that a UTI is present in the body. Ketones: Ketones are produced in the body when fat is broken down or metabolised. All engineering products that these companies manufacture maintain exact tolerances that are very important for their international client base. Supplying the precise quality starting from the very first time is important for precision engineering Scotland companies because quality is something that they would not compromise for anything. Scotland is well known for exports in machineries in the field of renewable energies, equipment and technology and textiles other than oil and gas. Other than the largest exporter of whisky, precision engineering Scotland has placed the country at the list of top exporters in electronic and instrument engineering and mechanical engineering industries. In the last four years Scotland has been voted twice to be the ‘European Region of the Future’ and it is not very difficult to assume why. Qualified workforce, disciplined working system and zero tolerance for quality assurance are attributed to be factors that propelled the country to this high.

With superb modern facilities they assure the quality that precision engineering industry demands. They emphasise greatly on a user-focused approach and do every bit to deliver engineering and related solutions. They have strong background in process engineering within niche industries. A normal urine sample should not have ketones present in it. Collecting a urine sample for testing is fairly easy. A centrifuge is used to settle the solid matter of the urine. Clarity: Normal urine is usually clear. Color: The color of the urine is affected by the kinds of foods you eat, medications and certain infections. Higher counts of RBCs in the urine result in a positive result. A urinalysis helps in determining what the root cause of the symptoms may be. Frequent vomiting may cause the loss of carbohydrates, resulting in ketones. The most likely cause for this is a UTI. The sediment is then placed on a plate and analysed using a microscope.