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We will now look at these three phases of urinalysis in further detail and describe the various components that are looked at to aid in a medical diagnosis based on urinalysis. Urinalysis is used to test for several conditions. Low levels of RBCs found in the urine can be considered as a “negative” test result. A urine sample containing bilirubin, is considered abnormal. Once the sample is submitted, it is tested and analysed for any abnormalities. Concentration levels in the first sample, early in the morning, are much higher and allow for detecting any abnormalities present in the urine with greater ease. Making sure that the genitalia is clean before collecting a sample ensures that no bodily fluids enter the urine and interfere with the test results. A sample collected in this manner is called a “midstream collection” or “clean catch”. Normally, a urine sample will have a few crystals present in them, but a large number of crystals in the urine is an indicator of kidney stones.

Abnormalities, if present, are further examined by microscopic inspection of the urine. Parasites, yeast cells and bacteria are also not found in a normal sample of urine. Protein: Protein is not one of the by-products found in urine under normal circumstances. One condition that can change the odor of urine is diabetic ketoacidosis, in which the smell of urine is sweet or fruity. Blood: Blood in the urine is known as hematuria. Kidney diseases, urinary tract diseases, extraneous exercise, trauma and certain medications can all cause hematuria. The lack of carbohydrates, due to starvation or other kinds of carbohydrate deficient diets, can cause the body to break down fat and convert it to ketone. Extraneous exercise can also cause the production of ketones. Primary islands within Thailand include:Worldwide Christmas season can be an origin concerning exciting as well as delight, yet selecting the correct Thailand Tourist Destinations intention will be the challenging career. Each steamy isle possesses its own traditions and majesty that will helps diverse wants and needs of holidaymakers as well as vacationers. The kidneys help in regulating the water content of the body and conserve proteins as well as electrolytes which the body uses.

Urine is composed of several wastes and by-products that are present in the body. Biliurbin: Bilirubin is a waste product of the body that is produced by the liver. Causes for glucose in the urine can be due to liver damage, brain damage and as a result of certain types of kidney diseases. Brown urine can be caused by the presence of bile pigments. Urinary pH that is high can be caused by a variety of conditions including extensive vomiting, a disease of the kidney, UTI and in some cases even asthma. Even though the first sample is considered the most ideal, urine can be collected at any time. The kidneys are mainly responsible for producing urine. We will look at what factors are tested. Also if you are interested in learning more about the various medical diagnosis based on urinalysis, you should talk to your local librarian and find a book that gives more details on the subject. You will find gorgeous gravestones all over the world which endure like a familiarity to the transforming instances,Initial Selection someone check out current Thailand Tour Operator.Thailand winter holiday is tantamount with complete freedom to reside in, uncover and relish in. For any concerns with your urine sample, you should consult your doctor and find out what the next step may be.

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H: pH of the urine refers to the alkalinity or acidity of the urine. Normal urine usually has a color of pale to yellow. Glucose: The presence of glucose in urine is not normal. Odor: Under normal conditions, a person’s urine has a bit of a “nutty” odor to it. Proteinuria is described as elevated levels of protein found in the urine. A condition known as proteinuria is an early sign of kidney disease. Under a microscope, a laboratorian may look for RBCs or WBCs, which may indicate inflammation, injury to the kidneys or an infection or disease of the kidneys. We will look at each one of these briefly. It may be among well-liked Thailand Attractions which might be expecting tourists to look at and take notice of the beauty of the us and eccentricity. Featuring its archipelago involving bright sand clfs and beaches, perfect jungles, considerable wildlife, coral reefs reefs, substantial mountain mountains, falls, and great ambiance, Ko Alter is truly one of Thailand Attractions. The usa involving Thailand enjoys the notable pleasantness, sacred brow, plus breathtaking organic beauty.